Saturday, 23 April 2011

My second blog after forgot the past :D

My name is Anas Daniel Mohd Bahrin..
call me Anas or anything..
hehe..I'm in form3.
I live in Johor Bahru, but from Terengganu. 
I'v born at Hospital Besut,Terengganui.So,i'm from Terangganu.
I school at SMK Tasek Utara1.
I have 5 siblings and i i'm third..
My mother is teahing at STF 'sekolah tun fatimah' JB..
My father has his own bussiness.
My mother's name is Nik Kasma Radien binti Wan Kamal and 
Myy father's name is Mohd Bahrin bin Mohd Nor.. 
My first sibling is Maryam Nabila,she is study in UTM Pulau Pinang.. 
Second,Aisyah Nadia. She 17 .
She school at SMK Tasek Utara2.. Third is me. The middle son . 
4th is Ahmad Tarmizi and he 13 years old.. 
Last is Balqis Sabrina , 10..
My fav colour is Yellow n white..
I like to eat such as western food, but still eat Malaysia's food :D
My fav brands is TOP MAN..
thats all larh..

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